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Posted on: March 12, 2015

New Service for Lost or Found pets


The Animal Care and Control program of the Lake County Health Department/Community Health Center is offering a new service for people who have lost or found pets. It has activated a Lost and Found Pet Service web page at:

“Every year more than 1,000 dogs and cats get lost in Lake County,” said Robin Van Sickle, Animal Care and Control’s Program Coordinator. “Our staff works hard to reunite lost pets with their owners. This webpage is an easy way for residents to provide photos of lost animals as well as photos of animals that residents have found and want to return.”

Here are some tips to prevent pets from being lost:
1. Whenever outside the home, keep ID tags on your pet along with a properly fitted collar or harness – personal ID tag, rabies/license tag, and microchip tag. If your pet gets lost, you want the person who finds your pet to be able to easily contact or find you.

2. Make sure your pet is microchipped and the chip is registered to you. A microchip is a tiny chip implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades; it can be scanned and used to identify your pet. Don’t forget to update your contact information with the microchip registry if you move or change your phone number. If you adopted your pet from an animal shelter, he/she may be already microchipped. Check your adoption records or ask your veterinarian to scan your pet for a microchip. Microchips can be implanted by your veterinarian or by Lake County Animal Care and Control.

3. When walking your dog, use a sturdy, traditional leash. Slip the loop of the leash over your right thumb and close your fingers tightly around the loop. Use left hand to hold the leash further down. If your dog tries to bolt, you have both hands on the leash.

4. When children are walking the dog, they should not only be old enough to understand the safety precautions, but also physically strong enough to handle the dog if he/she attempts to bolt.

5. If you let your dog out into a fenced yard, check the fence on a routine basis to make sure it is secure. Wind and accumulated snow can damage your fence.

Residents who have lost or found pets, should send a digital photo, pet description, and indicate whether the animal is lost or found, to: Please also include the town or area where the pet was lost or found. None of the animals displayed on the webpage are housed at Animal Care and Control and no personal information will be posted on-line. For more information on this service or to inquire about having your pet microchipped by Animal Care and Control staff, please call: (847) 377-4700.

Lost and Found Pet Service Web Page
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