What do I have to do to participate?
All eligible residential and small business customers not currently enrolled in the program can Opt-In by calling Dynegy at 844-351-7691 and asking for the Village of Deer Park aggregation program rate. You will need to provide your ComEd account number, name, address, and phone.

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1. What is electricity aggregation?
2. Who is eligible to participate?
3. What do I have to do to participate?
4. What if I don't want to participate?
5. Will my electricity service be disrupted when I switch?
6. What if my power goes out - who do I call?
7. Is there an early termination fee?
8. How do I switch from another supplier to Dynergy?
9. What is the current ComEd default rate?
10. How does the Dynegy rate compare with the ComEd rate under "Electric Supply Services" on my bill?
11. Will I get two bills, one from ComEd and another from the new supplier?
12. Will the Aggregation affect my ComEd electric service?
13. If I am automatically enrolled, can I leave the program at any time?
14. What is ComEd's six-month "stay" or "bundled hold" requirement?
15. I am enrolled in a low-income assistance program. Will that be affected?
16. Does the program impact my ComEd budget billing or auto-payment plan?
17. Will someone come to my home or call to sign me up?
18. What happens if I move?
19. Does the energy supply include any renewable "green" energy sources?