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The Village Board

The Village Board of Deer Park consists of a President, 6 Trustees and a Village Clerk. Elections are held every odd-numbered year on the 1st Tuesday in April, at which time either the President and 3 Trustees or 3 Trustees will be elected to serve 4-year terms.


Regular meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at: 

The Vehe Barn
23570 W Cuba Road
Deer Park, IL 60010

The agenda for each meeting is posted online and at the Village Office 48 hours prior to the meeting; an agenda may also be requested via email.

2023 Meeting Schedules

Board of Trustee 2023 Meetings

Committee of Whole 2023 Meetings

Planning & Zoning 2023 Meetings


Appointed positions for the village are:

  • Administrator
  • Building Official
  • Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman and 6 members
  • Treasurer
  • Village Attorney
  • Village Clerk
  • Village Engineer
  • Village Planner

Annual Budget

Although the Village of Deer Park receives no money from the Lake County real estate tax, there is an annual budget that covers the salaries of the member positions as well as police service, road maintenance and more.